Maitland Riverlink by CHROFI

The Maitland Riverlink

Work has now completed on the Maitland Riverlink, a public project that will crystallize new value for the regional center Maitland, both in terms of its identity and its assets. The project will support a revitalization of the central business precinct, extending it beyond the main street to the river.

Pinecone Pavilion by AtelierSAD and mmcité

The Pinecone Pavilion

Pinecone can be anything – your gazebo in the park, shelter above sandpit or part of our outdoor classroom. It is a self-supporting dome inspired by natural patterns consists of 109 scales layered in seven tiers. Thanks to the position of the scales in each tier the gazebo feels airy and creates a comfortable microclimate with perfect acoustics. At the same time, it provides shelter from sun, wind and rain.