ÅVONTUURA is an online travel blog providing inspiration, opinions and MUST-SEE City Guides for architects, designers, travelers, and creative-minded people.

Avontuur is the Dutch word for advendture, with an extra ‘A’ at the end for architecture. The name echoes my passion for architecture and travel that started over 10 years ago when I moved to The Netherlands from Canada between my architectural studies.

I want to entertain and inform you. Share inspiration and ideas about all the different things going on in the world of architecture.

I want to be your first resource for planning your travels abroad. What should I know about? What should I see? There’s just so much out there and so little time to see it all. I’ve been building lots of city guides – 120 and counting, that have been curated by me to show you the MUST-SEE Architecture around the world.

If you’re travelling and want to share your photos, be sure to mention @AVONTUURA on Instagram and use the hashtag #mustseearchitecture to be featured in the City Guides.


Karl van Es, Founder