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You can send your images and text to: [email protected]

While there is no formal criteria for selecting projects, we are generally looking for content that is fresh, inspiring, and newsworthy. It should have a story behind it, along with great images. Images should be sent in jpeg format with at least 3000 pixels to ensure a high level of quality.

Please also have a look at our copyright policy before submitting any material.


If you have a video related to your project or travels, send it in as well! We typically upload to our YouTube or Facebook channels rather than embedding from other accounts. We will always ask your permission before editing anything you submit.


Sharing is caring and we wouldn’t be able to do our work without the help of others. If you need to credit people, please do so. We will happily provide credit, links and full copyright details where appropriate to photographers.

ÅVONTUURA is a great place to promote work and can lead to commissions from other publications.


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